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Takashi’s Blog Post

Innovation to impact 

2010.3.31 Takashi

We will thank you for giving us this chance to learn social innovation. Thank you Ben, Rebekah, Cybelle, Francisco, Stephanie, Mike, Kazutoh-san, Daichi-san and some entrepreneurs, officers, Stanford students, and everyone who were involved in this program! We can’t find any words to gratitude without “Thank you so much!” ~!!

1.   What is the innovation to impact?

Limited to social innovation its impact is related to social contribution, diffusion, sustainability I think.

1)     Social contribution

Each company or organization we met in SF and Stanford contributes to society. Tipping point and Habitat for Humanity contribute to solve the poverty. Diversity Works, Room to Read, Year Up and Bay-back contribute to improve the education of the minority, children who live in development country and low-income people. Garden Project, New Door Ventures and Year Up contribute to support employment of the inmate, minority and children who are troubled in mental. And World Centric, Jasper Ridge, inspirable Stanford student’s green club contribute to solve environmental issues. Actually I think this contribution is social contribution.

2)     Diffusion

 Social innovation related to diffusion globally, too. It means it is necessary to mimic its business model easily. For the case Grameen Bank its business model is called microfinance (Daichi-san’s inspirable presentation). Its model is easily to mimic by others. It will lead to wide economic growth!

3)     Sustainability

 Social innovation is led by universal & common mission. So everyone will believe that social innovation is needed to sustain the earth. For example, World Centric contributes to green the earth. People think that action is necessary. But the action should be considered on business side. Business side means whether the action is profitable. We must consider social innovation on the both side (social contribution and business).

2.   Causes of social innovation

I think social innovation causes five points as follows.

1) Unique Platform (business model)

2) Added Value (social design, social value)

3) Universal and Common Mission

4) Social Entrepreneurship

5) Voluntary spirit

Platform is a system to provide social value. That is shown at Year Up, Kiva and Tipping point. For example Year UP pay fee to students who study at Year UP which fund is consist of donation, investment from SVC (Tipping point.etc) and payment from companies which contracts with Year Up. That platform is unique because general vocational schools collect money from students. Added value means differentiation. For example IDEO add design thinking based on human activity to existing product. Dasher produced by IDEO is more useful. Universal Mission is expressed in each organization which we visited. For example Diversity Works expressed fairness of human race in mission. Social entrepreneurship is defined as having the following three components: (1) identifying a stable but inherently unjust equilibrium that causes the exclusion, marginalization, or suffering of segment of humanity that lacks the financial means or political clout to achieve any transformative benefit on its own; (2) identifying an opportunity in this unjust equilibrium, developing a social value proposition, and bringing to bear inspiration, creativity, direct action, courage, and fortitude, thereby challenging the stable state’s hegemony; and (3) forging the new, stable equilibrium that releases trapped potential or alleviates the suffering of the targeted group, and through imitation and the creation of a stable ecosystem around the new equilibrium ensuring a better future for the targeted group and even society at large. Voluntary spirit is a part of general humanity. It provides a cordial relief to the others. I feel it much in San Francisco and Stanford. I think that Japanese should learn it from American. Particularly in GLIDE church I felt strong emotion! There is a sense of unity and spirit of mutual help. Names of babies who were born in the area were called and all of participant there celebrated the new lives. Awesome!

Thank you all guys!

We are the team to contribute socially. Let’s keep in touch tightly forever! Let’s keep moving forward to realize new sustainable world and dancing!

See you cool guys~!!